the house is nearly finished – more pictures soon !

Jerusalem House 7

Renovation and interior Design to a 140 year old Templar house in the German Colony, Jerusalem

Client’s review – Yochanan Be’eri is a visionary, with incredibly unique ideas that are absolutely awe-inspiring. They seem to be endless, coming from a well of creativity that is innate. Yochanan is not only creative in ways that are multi-dimensional and visually stunning, but he has the technical and professional expertise to execute his ideas. His attention to detail and to solving extremely complex issues, as existed in my home – a heritage house with strict preservation rules – indicate a patience and perseverance that are outstanding. All the while, he will not compromise on artistic beauty. From the exquisite design to the choice of quality materials to the tranquility that ensues from the melding of the two – the result is a masterpiece.